Community Care Program

Community Care Program

Hello and welcome to the Community Care Program. We would like to thank our sponsors;

This program will enable teens to gain community service points while being an active and productive member of our communities.

We will be working in the surrounding communities on the first and third Saturday of every month. The work will be cleaning up trash, clearing empty lots, and cleaning graffiti in blighted areas.

Each team will be made up of about 10 volunteers and one Team Leader. The Helping Hands Group makes team assignments.

We need parents to volunteer to be team leaders. Please parents help us and sign up today.

You can sign up at Go to the sign-up page and fill out the form. Remember its dot US and not dot COM.

You will receive your assignment by email no later than Wednesday of the same week. The assignment email will tell you who is in your group, where you need to go, and what time you will be working.

Please be on time.

We will be working in some messy places. Vacant lots, illegal trash dumps, the lake shore line, and along the sides of roads. Dress appropriately.

You are required to wear closed toe shoes and long pants. An orange Community Care Program tee shirt, and gloves will be furnished.

This is why you wear long pants when participating in the Community Care Program. Rattlesnakes live in our area and were here first.

When we find them we do not kill them. Call a Team Leader and let them deal with the situation.

Every group has a Team Leader. You can rely on your Team Leader for assistance while doing your job. If you see anything that looks dangerous call the Team Leader immediately.

When bagging trash please do not leave more of a mess than when we started.

Do not over fill bags. Every bag must be tied closed.

Your Team Leader will designate an area to stack your filled bags.

All bags will be stacked close to a curb or road for easy pickup by the Trucking Team.


Your time spent with Community Care has many meanings.Community service is not only putting in your time it is a time to help build the community by getting to know the people in your group.   Enjoy yourself….