It was clear to the group that Walt needed to be moved. We began an investigation into his situation and the “In Home Health Services” the county of Riverside provided for him. After speaking with his caseworker we set a plan in motion.

We located a caregiver that was willing to take on the project. It was determined Walt needed more than she could offer but she was willing to take on the project short term. Meanwhile our group spread the word that we needed help. A home was found and by the grace of God the owner was a qualified caregiver.

It was a rocky transition as moving his book collection was more than we could provide. After all we are a bunch of old guys. Very quickly a Canyon Lake contact with a pickup truck became available and he was ready to help.

This may seem like a simple situation but experiencing the drama behind the scenes was stressful. Walt was on edge, desperate, and close to giving up on life. Dealing with the county is always challenging and the logistics of a move like this was definitely interesting. The previous caregiver became agitated and even malicious about us moving Walt out. The move was on and off time and time again. Finally the move was made and the following word for word text was recently sent by Walt to the Helping Hands Group.

“Its hard for me to stop thinking and praying for you sir because in my 18 years of blindness you have brought me the most happiness the most secure and comfort yes and 18 years you have helped me the greatest. Thank you”

(Please note Walt uses a cell phone with voice recognition to text)