Donate to Helping Hands Group and help your local community!

Helping Hands Group is a 501(c)3 entity. Your donation to us are tax deductible at this time.

Currently we operate on the generosity of our Volunteers. They purchase food and clothing for clients as-needed. When we make a home repair, the Volunteer pays for materials.

Our administrative cost is $.00 (zero) and will remain zero as long as it is sensible. We believe that someone will step up and cover the cost for this group. Helping Hands Group is has evolved and now is managed by a Board of Directors.  All of our Board members are volunteers and serve at the request of the Director.

If you are so led, please donate to our legal fund (currently at $0 (zero) dollars). That fund will be used only to make the proper filings with State and Local Government. All funds donated in excess of the requirements will be returned to their source.

Please remember personal acts of giving to a kindred reason with specific needs in the community are handled with discretion. Please contact us for details.