The Tree People of Elsinore

Many of the homeless in our area have made the riverbeds and lake bottom their home.  In an effort to understand the homeless situation Helping Hands Group ventured to the encampments to see first-hand what is going on.

First of all and most importantly our group had an escort comprised of the special squad of sheriffs that work on the Elsinore homeless problem. Those officers clearly had a command of the situation and had the respect of everyone we came in contact with. Anyone attempting to contact any of the inhabitants of the encampments without the aid of the sheriffs would be foolish. If Will Robertson from Lost in Space were there with his robo12333t, Robby the robot would shake himself to pieces shouting “DANGER DANGER WILL ROBERTSON, DANGER”. Do not go there by yourself.
The areas the homeless currently occupy will be under 2 to 10 feet of water when the forecasted El Nino rains come in December and early next year. We spoke with several of the Tree People and gained some valuable insight into their lifestyle. I refer to them as Tree People as in their world they have a home and are not homeless. Some of the homes had canvas walls some had cardboard walls but all were considered home to them. The one thing they had in common was they all lived under the cover of the trees.

Over the next few weeks I will post my observations and interviews with the Tree People of Elsinore.

✜✜ To protect identity and privacy of individuals mentioned on this blog Helping Hands Group will never use the true name or location of any person. ✜✜